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1938 V-16 Imperial Limo #9033

Model year production of V-16 Cadillacs totaled 315 units. Ninety of these V-16 equipped motorcars were fitted with Fleetwood 7 passenger limousine coaches.

Competition between motorcar companies during the Great Depression was fierce with each company vying for a larger piece of a declining market. Luxury car manufacturers offered their customers larger and larger engines. Cadillac, Packard, Duesenburg, and Rolls-Royce all offered V-12 and V-16 engines in addition to their standard V-8 engines.

The massive V-16 engines were for all tense and purposes the equivalent of two V-8 engines connected in tandem. The engines were equipped with duel carburetors, oil baths, air cleaners, distributors, manifolds, coils and fuel pumps.

The 1938 Cadillac was designed with an Art Modernaire motif, the style of the era. The car on display has had only three owners. The car remains in original condition. The paint, chrome, and interior have not been restored, modified or altered. The V-16 continues to run quietly and smoothly and is as tight as any current car. A formal limousine, the car is equipped with a center divider and duel jump seats. As was the custom of the day, the driverís compartment is trimmed in leather while the passenger compartment is trimmed in mohair.

The 1938 Cadillac Series 90 is certified by the Classic Car Club of America.