• Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton
  • Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton
  • Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton
1927 Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton

To mark Cadillac’s Silver Anniversary a Chicago dealer exhibited 30 models in a huge tent, transformed into a garden, where a full orchestra entertained nightly; the show drew over 2000 visitors a day!
To mark the anniversary, a new logo adorned the radiator shell and Cadillac offered no less than 50 models in 500 color and upholstery combinations. The catalog was but a starting point -- the customer could pick almost any combination of bits and pieces and have a unique motor car without the expense of a full custom. Authenticity of surviving cars may be in question because of the multitude of possible variations. In the final analysis; if it has a vertical starter motor, it's most likely a 314.

The 1927 models featured large drum headlights on all models instead of only on "Custom" models, a new walnut instrument panel with silver inlays, and the first appearance of the term "Cabriolet" to designate a closed body style with leather-covered roof portion. Featured on 1927 Cadillac’s was a push-pull type ignition switch, a new light control switch mounted on the steering wheel, forward-folding windshield on roadsters and phaetons, adjustable seat in roadster, distinctive interior features, new nickel side lamps, and a new Delco ignition. The battery box was moved from the running board and stored in sill compartments. A 90° 355 cubic inch V-8 engine powered the car.

One of the new Fisher bodies offered for 1927 was the “dual-cowl sport phaeton”, a luxury sports model that featured a second cowl and windshield located behind the driver’s seat. This open sports car had a MSRP of $3,975.00 and was a favorite of the rich and famous. Its styling embodies the time in which it was built, the Roaring Twenties.

The 1927 Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton is certified by the Classic Car Club of America.