• PackardPacSuper8DualCowlSportPhaeton
1934 Packard Series 1104 Super 8 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton

The Great Depression continued throughout the 1933-1934 model year. Luxury car manufactures such as 
Packard were significantly impacted by the prevailing precipitous economic conditions. Nonetheless, management remained optimistic and continued building magnificent luxury automobiles.
The base price on the Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton was initially $3,350.00. However by the end of the model 
year Packard reduced the list price by $1,000.00.

The Eleventh Series Packards produced from August 1933 through August 1934, have come to be 
regarded as the finest models ever produced by Packard.

The Sport Phaeton was not illustrated in the sales catalogue, on the theory that the body style made it a 
second or third car for a wealthy family which might be enticed to buy the more expensive Super Eight 
Sport Phaeton. Consequently, only five dual cowl phaetons were built. The Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton on 
display is one of three that remain today.

At sixty, at, seventy, or even at a healthy eighty plus miles per hour, the owner of a new Eleventh Series 
Packard could, if he wished hear something besides the sound of his watch . . . the radio! Beginning with 
the 1934 model year all Packards were engineered for radio. By July of 1934 35% of all Packards sold 
were equipped with a radio.

The Packard Super Eight is equipped with a 384.8 cubic inch straight eight cylinder engine producing 145 
horsepower at 3200 R.P.M. The 1934 Packard Super 8 boasted a 143” wheelbase.